Training Program

Training Program
Two days Bee Keeping Training for new comers. Any Indian citizen can register for the training. It is a paid training for registration. Last date of registration 11th March, 2019.

Place of Training :                          Kurukshetra, Haryana
Date of Training  :                          13  to 14 March, 2019
Contact No.        :                           +91 999-1240-211
Email id              :                
Training fee        :                          3000 Rs. per person

Address : 3060/12 Didar Nagar, Pehowa Road, Kurukshetra- Haryana 136119 

Main subjects of the Training Program :

·        Types of Bees in India
·        Selection of Right Place for an Apiary
·        Selection of Bee Box
·        Management of an apiary
·        Ventilation in Bee Boxes
·        Bee Hives
·        Bee Keeping Tools
·        Bee Colony, Queen, Worker, Drones.
·        Enemies of Bees
·        Honey Extraction
·        Seasons of Flower and Crops suitable for Bee farming.
·        Feeding of Bees in off season.
·        Swarming of Bees and how to catch a Swarm.
·        Bee Managements
·        Robbing in Bees
·        Queen and its functions
·        Worker Bees
·        Drones
·        Effects of Pesticides on Bees.
·        Behavior of Bees.
·        Bees and Agriculture
·        Pollination
·        Bee Keeping Benefits, wax, honey, Pro-polish, Pollen.
·        Division of a colony.

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