Training Programs

Bee Keeping is a good business for the unemployed peoples in all over the world. We are from India and we want to organize beekeeping training programs in all over country. The person who want to train themselves in the beekeeping work and its techniques can contact with us. We also arrange programs in various states in India on demand. Its all depends on how many peoples coming in the training. If we find sufficient quantity of the participants we will go for the training. Please register yourself for the training programs in the future.

Two days Bee Keeping Training for new comers. Any Indian citizen can register for the training. It is a paid training for registration click here Last date of registration 14th August, 2018.
Place of Training :                          Kurukshetra, Haryana
Date of Training  :                          02  to 03 February, 2019
Contact No.        :                           09991240211
Email id      :                         
Training fee       :                           3000 Rs. per person

Address : 3060/12 Didar Nagar, Pehowa Road, Kurukshetra- Haryana 136119 

Main subjects of the Training Program :

·        Types of Bees in India
·        Selection of Right Place for an Apiary
·        Selection of Bee Box
·        Management of an apiary
·        Ventilation in Bee Boxes
·        Bee Hives
·        Bee Keeping Tools
·        Bee Colony, Queen, Worker, Drones.
·        Enemies of Bees
·        Honey Extraction
·        Seasons of Flower and Crops suitable for Bee farming.
·        Feeding of Bees in off season.
·        Swarming of Bees and how to catch a Swarm.
·        Bee Managements
·        Roaming in Bees
·        Queen and its functions
·        Worker Bees
·        Drones
·        Effects of Pesticides on Bees.
·        Behavior of Bees.
·        Bees and Agriculture
·        Pollination
·        Bee Keeping Benefits, wax, honey, Pro-polish, Pollen.
·        Division of a colony.

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