Bee Keeping

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Hive Location Setup

Worker, Queen, Drone functions

The honey bee – apis mellifera

Bees on Rent for Pollination

There are very many crops are available in India which need bees to pollinate. Without pollination the farmers have getting less profit. We have enough quantity of Honey Bees are available for pollination on rent. In the season of Apple fruits at the time of flowering farmers need more bees. If anyone is searching for the Honey Bees for pollination can contact us. We help all the farmers and beekeepers. Both can contact with all information. Once you register with us we inform you at the time as your requirements.

Contact us for your registration.


Bee Keeping And Honey

Bee Keeping Training
We provide training on bee keeping for the learners who want to start bee keeping in India. Any one from India can come to join our training program. Training is not free you need to pay. After training you can able to start your own bee farming in your area.


What is pure Honey?

Honey is the food of bees collect from the flowers.

A thick, golden liquid produced by industrious bees, honey is made using the nectar of flowering plants and is saved inside the beehive for eating during times of scarcity. But how do bees make honey? Nectar — a  sugary liquid — is extracted from flowers using a bee’s long, tube-shaped tongue and stored in its extra stomach, or crop.” While sloshing around in the crop, the nectar mixes with enzymes that transform its chemical composition and pH, making it more suitable for long-term storage.

Pesticide Kill Bees

Prevent your apiary from Pesticides in the northern part of Haryana. Farmers in Haryana used high amount of pesticides to kill insects will effect on Bees life. Spray of pesticides may kill bees in large amount. No way to protect them if once they affected by this situations. Government need to ban on pesticide using in the fields.

Bee Keeping Work

Bee keeping is not a work like other types of work. This is a work of passion. Some people ask how much i earn from this business. This business is not business of earning only. You need to stay with bees and in the company of silence of nature. This is a way to live a better life in the lap or nature just near the god. You may possible to live a piece full life in the company of bees.
 This work is a School of learning more valuable things. This is a way of life to living a life with love and dignity.

Bee Keeping in India

Start Bee Keeping with small investment 25,000/- ( Minimum )Training. Bee Keeping Tools, Bee Farming Help, Bee Farming Jobs, Honey Bees Sale and Purchase and All Related to Bee Keeping things In India beekeeping has a bright future. For the youth of India it is very helpful and growing business to earn money and establishment of business. This business starting cost is very small. You just need some experienced person to spend time in this field with them. Learn the things how to take care of bees and how they grow their bees and some skill of managements to manage business.
 Many government and private organizations were provide free of cost training in India. Some Government organizations and banks were helping by finance and provide loans on this business.

Neem Honey Season

Neem is the very power full tree used in medicines. Neem has a huge medicinal property in it. In the northern part of India Month of May is the blossom season of Neem. Neem honey is most popular in medical (Ayurveda) Neem honey is a rich source of multiple medicinal property.
 Neem Honey is best honey to used as your food. In the world many bee keepers extract Neem honey and you can purchase any of them.

Buy & Sell Honey Bees

Bee Keeping India, Any one who want to buy bees and want to sell their honey bees and bee boxes can contact with us. We helping peoples to do the business of bee keeping. Bee keeping in india a very potential. Bee keeping is a very good for health and Eco friendly.

Honey is the best food of the world

Honey is the extract of the flower and it is the best food on earth produced by the honey bees. No comparison with any kind of food  with honey. Honey can not be produced artificial. We only collect it from bee hives from bees house. If you use honey in your daily food it gives you more nutritional value. Honey is always a best food and we use it in many more edible things.
Honey is highly used in the medicinal products. We can collect many type of honey according to the flower used by honey bees. Some are very medicinal value in it.

Bee Keeping Project

Start your Beekeeping Business with low investment and earn more money. You can start business part time or full time. Starting your own business is a good idea in present time. Start business with any amount 20,000 Plus. You can purchase Italian bee colony of ten frame at the rate of 3000rs to 4000rs per colony in india. You can purchase bee colony from any bee keeper. You can also contact us for the bee colonies in india. 30 to 50 kg. of honey can be harvested in a year or it depends on the flower and crops of the seasons. You are advised to learn from any bee keeper minimum three months how to manage apiary( bee colony ). Then you easily able to keep bees your own. You can sell your honey in retail or in whole sale rates. Retail rate for raw honey in india is 200 to 250 rs. per kg. and whole sale rate is 100 to 150 rs. per kg. and it depends on market prices. Export of honey is also a profitable business in india. In the market good demand of honey. Many medical companies are used large quantity of honey. It used in many medicines. It is very good to use honey in daily diet routine.
Our motto is to serve peoples to earn through beekeeping. It is also a good for health and environment. Bee keeping is also a good school to learn how to work and manage our life. We learn many things from bees and bee keeping. It is a more profitable business with less hard work. We help youth to become a beekeeper with our knowledge programs and our services. Any one who want our help in the bee keeping project can contact us. We will try our best to help them. You can read regular our upcoming changes and new programs.

Sheela Bee Farm

Buy honey bees and honey, we supply all products and tools of beekeeping in india. We also help to beekeepers and beginners in the project of beekeeping. People can contact us at any related problems and useful information about bee keeping. Sheela bee farm also provide trainings in india to helping youth in the beekeeping as employment.

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