Honey Bees Food for free

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Food for free?

If you see at fields full of flowering crops or wild flowers in the forest countryside, or at garden flowers and park flowers in the cities, you are not looking only at beauty but also at the gold – thousands of tons of valuable honey. Liquid gold sitting there, all for you! If you don’t go and get it, the flowers will die at the end of the season and all those tons of honey will go to waste. All money will simply have dried up in front of your eyes. And If, on the other hand, if you have bees, they will go and get it for you for free, and you can then either eat it or sell it or both.
Honey Bees are probably the only livestock that use other people’s land without permission – and those landowners welcome them. It is a win-win situation for the Honey bees and for everyone else. Honey bees are happy carrying out their work; you can enjoy your hobby or as a business, and if you want to you can make a profit; the farmers get their crops pollinated and so they make a profit; the shops obtain food to sell and they make a profit; the general public have food to eat; and the government is happy that its agricultural and environmental sectors are running smoothly and that somewhere along the line they will be able to raise some tax. In India and in the world all countries and people need earning opportunity and it is the best way to enjoy and earn.

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