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During puberty, elevated hormone levels stimulate sebaceous glands to produce more oil, also called sebum, which is normally released through the hair shaft to lubricate and protect the skin. Sebum combines with dead cells, forming a plug in the skin pore called a comedone. These comedones or plugged follicles may eventually rupture and sebum may seep into the surrounding skin causing inflammation. There are harmless bacteria present in the sebaceous glands.
These bacteria can break down the fatty parts of the sebum into fatty acid substances  which leak into the surrounding skin and may also cause inflammation. The result can be a small or large solid bump or a pustule on the surface of the skin or cysts underneath the surface of the skin.

Acne is the real archenemy of all you beauty and personal life. Probably there is no person who had never faced or heard about these little troubles. Your sex, age, skin type or color, place of adobe and way of life mean nothing for acne, it can get you anyway.

No matter how little these pimples and black spots are, they are a serious skin disorder, which has to be cured with integrated approach. Getting rid of acne may be harmful or tender, fun or boring. Here you are able to read and learn about different ways and special receipts of getting rid of acne.

Here you can find a better solution for your skin problems specially for face related problems. We have a unique formula with organic/ Ayurveda miracle. Your all skin problems will be treated in just 7 days. It works on many problems like pimple, rashes, rough skins etc. Ayurveda is known as best treatment in the world of medical fields.

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