Top 5 Ideas to stop terrorism in the world

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The all world is in problem with the terrorism. The all thinkers and specialist worried about the terrorism. They can’t able to find better solutions to preventing the world with this problem. Here we try to suggest some ideas how to stop the terrorism or the upcoming world war…….
  1. First is to find the like minded persons who want to solve this problem it is the most important thing to do something against the terrorism or with the world war. Search for the people near you who is able to see the problem and its danger. Without this never any change will be possible. Make a platform where they can thing together how to be solve this problem.
  2. Find the roots of the problem not the branches. The solution for all problems are not very much we think that we can change anything with the cutting of branches without cutting or roots. What is means to cut the root cause? From the millions and millions years we lived in the misery. We can’t able to find the solution or humans problems. We work with the wrong side of the problem otherwise the problems can be solved up to now. So Please find the real cause why it happens in the world with the all points of view. Don’t think in just a way find all possible side of the problems and its solutions.
  3. The main problem is man himself. All humanity is responsible for this condition not one man. Actually humanity needs to change himself he is something which is incomplete thing. We think he is enough understanding to understand his own all problems. But it is a myth in fact he is not able to do this from the beginning but why because he is not a complete human being he needs some evolution in himself only then he can be able to know and solve all problems of life.
  4. The fourth one is it is not possible in just one day. It takes time with continue right efforts to do any revolution in humans life. How can it possible soon, we want to solve all our problems in just one day if it can’t happen in just one day or very soon we drop the idea and do another things. So have patience do work for long time.
  5. It all belong to you not to others the person who is reading this note has the capability to change the world. The first do something with yourself then work for others. Most people think we were going to change world by changing without one self. It is the most important thing to know. How to know what we need to do with oneself in their life is so important. Know yourself who are you and how to understand things better.

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